Race Rules:

The Namaqualand Flower Festival is set in a biodiversity hotspot with no less than 6 endemic species of plant life in the area. For this reason the following rules and etiquette must be adhered to by all competitors and marshals alike:

  • Absolutely NO Littering

  • Never be more than 10m from the trail or out of sight of the nearest cairn or marshal (unless you need water along the route, there is a waterfall and various rivers to fill your bottles up from) anyone found taking shortcuts will be disqualified and banned from the race for two (2) years.

  • No destruction or defacing of any Plant or animal life

  • Absolutely no polluting the river and water systems on route

  • Any form of violence towards oneself or another (including marshals, other competitors, animal and plant life) will result in disqualification. The Race Director reserves the right to report any violent behaviour to the police for prosecution.

  • Gifberg Holiday farm is a wilderness area, please respect the area for what it is.
  • Indemnities must be signed before taking part in the event.


Each competitor must carry a hydration system of some type. The size of hydration system is up to you. 

Recommended: 2 litres, there will be streams on route with fresh water.

Take sunscreen

Long Route Essentials: 

Camel packs or small back packs are recommended. Make sure you have some snacks for the long route as you’ll be out there for between 3 and 7 hours.

There is some rugged terrain and we are in the Northern Cape wilderness, so every competitor is expected to carry a light fleece or windbreaker and a space blanket.

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