6th - 8th September 2024

There will be a gathering in 2024. Because it is tradition. And we love the flowers.

As in 2023 – we will all be bringing the fun. Be a Value adder, bring your vibe and flavour to the flowers.

We come together in the flowers, and whatever you bring… comes to life.

As is tradition at Namaqualand Flower Festival, you will still experience a wholesome weekend, treading lightly and living joyously. Filled with dancing, singing, trail exploring and an unbelievable vibe. Experience a life of camping, dancing in the moonlight, singing to your heart’s content and losing yourself under the stars.

How that happens is up to those that arrive. If you want to sing, make that happen. If you want there to be a bush walk, share your knowledge. If you want to run, sign up to make it happen.

The stage is set, it’s up to you to keep the tradition alive and add new flavours to take into the future.


Even though we are running a far more relaxed format. Some of the fundamentals are…

You will still experience:

Camping – Under the stars in a 5 billion star hotel

Music – Open Mic, grassy dance floor, and goodness knows what else.

Dancing – Of course. Maybe even a little Secret Sunrise

Swimming – Rock pools and waterfalls in the Namaqualand wilderness

Star Gazing – Enjoying the unspoiled night sky

Bushman Paintings – As is customary in the Namaqua wilderness

Trail Run – 3 adventurous routes to choose from. If you want a time – bring a stop watch:)

Open Mic – Where stars are born – Share your talent, story, or best skit. Make it happen.

Yoga, spikeball, frisby, afternoon naps, and whatever else you desire. Bring it to the party.


Leave work early… Mandatory.

Gates open at: 2pm (we encourage you to arrive as early as possible to enjoy the serenity)

Find your grassy spot amoungst the flowers and settle in.

8pm – Weekend opening – Here we will welcome each other to the flowers like a true tribe. Not to be missed.


Feel free to offer anything from:

  • Yoga
  • Breathing workshop
  • Morning music
  • And as is tradition…. We will keep our infamous “Flower Games”

To suggest or sign up to offer these or activities like these sign up below!


Whatever is on offer, you can do.

We encourage you to explore.

We encourage you to meet new people.

We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone.

What we’d love you to sign up to lead:

  • The morning offers 3 trail run routes available for adventurous runners / walkers. We suggest doing this in a group. The trails will be marked.
    • Challenging 20km (for experienced runners only)
    • Scenic 9km trail
    • A family fun 4km route
  • Beekeeping, traditional dancing, painting, botany, walking field guides
  • Open mic
  • DJ
  • Live band

If you would like to conduct these or activities like this for a discounted entry – Click Below

What else?

Either come and enjoy what people have to offer in this amazing place.
Sign up to be a Flower Value Adder as an individual or as a camp. You get a discount for adding value.

Take time to relax on Sunday morning, don’t rush. Let’s end off the weekend together with our traditional end of the festival “Flower Games”. You’ll leave feeling elated and complete from the holistic weekend.


ENTRIES OPEN 1st May 2024


In order to keep this weekend intimate and make sure we have enough frolicking space, there are only 250 spots available. Don’t miss out.

  • Flower Entry – Camping and the best weekend with the tribe – R750
  • Flower Value Adder Entry – Contributing to the weekend with an activity camp or individual, If you would like to conduct or add value with an activity on the weekend Click Below to inquire – R250


  • No you will not get a goody bag
  • No frills
  • No glamping
  • No compression socks or PB’s

Just access to one epic weekend with like-minded people embracing life and having the most fun together.

Your funds go towards your camping spot in the daisies, ablutions with hot water and flushing toilets. Farm staff, helping put this all together. ALL the activities and access to the splendour the farm has to offer.


General Camping – A soft grassy field splashed with spring daisies.

Camp with your car – Yes we will allow it if space allows. 1st come first serve


20KM – “The Long Route”:

For the weekend warrior! This trail has everything, swimming holes, steep descents, rocky technical trails, river crossings, hot sapping uphill slogs, sandy tracks. You have to fight for every inch:) But the reward – oh so worth it! The views, nature, flowers and ice cold beer at the finish.
There are 2 water points on the route, at 5km and 17km.
Please note – for experienced runners only. There is no walking on this trail. If you would like to walk please enter the 9km. It is just as scenic:)

9km “The Shorter Route”:

This trail takes you through some spectacular rock formations. In and out of caves and ancestral paintings. Surrounded by fresh air and amazing fauna and flora, you will not be disappointed! No waterpoints, but we have you covered at the finish:)

4km “The Fun Run”:

A fun yet challenging trail. Following a shorter trail along the stream to a little rock pool for a welcome dip, a small climb to feel the burn, then free ride on the jeep track all the way home. All welcome. Please accompany anyone under 6 years old on this trail.


Namaqualand Flower Fest

From Cape Town:

  • Take the N7 north for approximately 300km to Vanrhynsdorp. Once in the town take the R27 towards Niewoudville.
  • At the Hotel (in Vanrhynsdorp) take a right onto the Troe Troe pad. Follow this road towards the Gifberg (tabletop mountain south-east of Vanrhynsdorp).
  • Follow for 7km and continue straight over a 4-way crossing. Continue up the mountain pass for approx. 20km onto the Gifberg plateau.
  • Once on top look for signs saying JF Huisamen and Gifberg holiday farm to the venue. From Vanrynsdorp there will be event signs to look out for.


The Namaqualand Flower Festival is set in a biodiversity hotspot with no less than 6 endemic species of plant life in the area. Because of this, the following rules and etiquette must be adhered to by all people attending.


  • Absolutely NO Littering.
  • Routes will be marked, but we highly suggest you do not head out after 2pm and never go out alone!
  • No destruction or defacing of any plant or animal life.
  • Absolutely no polluting the rivers or water systems on route.
  • Any form of violence towards oneself or another (including marshals, other competitors, animal and plant life) will result in being escorted off the farm.
  • Gifberg Holiday farm is a wilderness area, please respect the area for what it is.

Indemnities must be signed before taking part in the weekend

Adventure Run Equipment:

  • Each person must carry a hydration system of some type. The size of the hydration system is up to you.
  • Recommended: 2 litres, there will be streams on route with fresh water.
  • Food – You need fuel for your body.
  • Take sunscreen.
  • There is some rugged terrain and we are in the Northern Cape wilderness, so every person going out onto the trail is expected to carry a light fleece or windbreaker and a space blanket. There is NO SIGNAL, and you head out at your own risk. No one may go out onto the trails alone.



There is a beautiful camping area on grass. Running water is available and drinkable.

Ablutions are available for each camping zone. Get there early to secure yourself a good camping spot. Camping is included in your ticket price. Cool, hey? 🙂

Guest Farm:
There are 50 beds available on the farm. All accommodation on the guest farm is booked through the venue itself:

http://www.gifberg.co.za/Chalets.html or e-mail info@gifberg.co.za

More accommodation is available in Vanrhynsdorp, 23km away.

Visit HERE for all accommodation available in town.