Namaqualand Flower Festival

Our Frequently Asked Questions

The Namaqualand Flower Festival is around the corner. We hope you’re as stoked as we are! The festival has been running for the past 12 years but we get many recurring questions so we’ve compiled a Frequently Asked Questions blog. We hope this blog will answer all the burning questions you may have.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

1. Interested in performing at the festival but where can artists send their submissions?

Any potential artists are welcome to send their submissions to

2. Will there be a bar?

We are all keen to have a really great time at the festival so there will definitely be a bar for all of us to enjoy responsibly!

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3. Can attendees bring their own drinks?

You’re more than welcome to bring a cooler box filled with your own drinks but for the safety of the rest of the attendees and the surrounds, no glass will be permitted.

4. Will there be food available the entire weekend?

Of course! There will be a fully fledged food court available the entire weekend to keep all our attendees completely satisfied.

5. Must attendees bring their own food?

If you want to bring your own food, you are welcome to but it is not completely necessary as there will be many different food stalls to meet all your cravings.

6. Are there braai facilities?

There are braai facilities if you wish to cook your own food but there are specifically designated areas for this, please don’t just make a fire anywhere.

7. Are there water stations to fill reusable bottles or cups?

There are a few water stations around the venue so there is no need to buy bottled water. Definitely bring a reusable bottle or cup to fill up at any time.

8. What is the bathroom situation?

A very important question, there will be a combination of porta-loos and ablution blocks.

All facilities have running hot water and flushing toilets.

9. Must attendees bring their own cutlery or crockery? Will vendors have cutlery if attendees don’t have?

Please bring your own plates and cutlery to avoid the usage of plastic. There are facilities for you to wash your dishes so they’re ready to be used again. Vendors are requested NOT to hand out plastic cutlery. We are a green festival and the unnecessary use of plastic is a BIG no-no!

And those who bring their own reusable items will get price breaks at the bar and from food vendors.

10. Are pets allowed at the festival?

While we’d love to meet your furry family members, pets are unfortunately not permitted at the festival. We hope you bring the rest of your family and friends though.

11. I bought the wrong ticket, what now?

You are welcome to transfer your ticket. If you would like to change your entry from one course to another, then there is a R 100 admin fee.

We hope we’ve answered all your questions but if there is anything that we’ve missed, please contact us. The festival is only 3 months away! If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you’ve unfortunately missed out on the early bird tickets but general tickers are now available. Get your tickets so you don’t miss out on this uniquely magical experience.

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